on 21 Nov, 22:15
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Halfey Halphstein

Decentralizing WordPress (Part 2)

I believe in order for decentralization of WordPress to take off it needs to be compatible with WordPress apps. The decentralization layer should not get in the way of mobile apps as many people these days enjoy the convenience of drafting or writing blog posts on their mobile devices. Another concern of mine is how decentralized would WordPress be with PoP? One thing that I often associate decentralization with is the ‘federation’, as seen on some open source social networks such as Diaspora, Friendica, Mastodon and Hubzilla. Now it would be even better if WordPress could someday ‘federate’ with those social networks.

on 21 Nov, 22:04
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Halfey Halphstein

Decentralizing WordPress

My search for a solution of decentralized WordPress has led to me discovering this place. It’s pretty cool. I have always dreamed of having a WP blog that can connect (following or being followed by) to other WP instances. This means the user is in control of his/her own content. With this we don’t have to worry about the whole network going down.

on 6 Nov, 16:10

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